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Tool “Bananenfalzbein” for attaching the seat covers

Tool “Bananenfalzbein” for easy installation of all protective covers


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Banana folder

For attaching the SecondSkin seat covers

The banana folder for attaching the protective covers is made from real cow bones. It is used in the automotive industry for work on covering high-quality seats, as well as the Second Skin seat covers from Brandrup. The use of the cover work is made much easier because the bone folder can be easily guided in the indentations.

The material (bone) is very fine, with soft edges and curves all around, and yet very stable. With careful handling, scratches in the adjacent plastics can be avoided.

This special tool for the coating of seat covers is recommended by the manufacturer. By using the coating work is greatly facilitated because the tool can be easily run in the wells.

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banana tool for easy installation of all protective coversTool “Bananenfalzbein” for attaching the seat covers