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iKamper Annex brown


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Add a little luxury to your roof top tent by creating more space with an annex room

A roof top tent annex gives you extra room on the ground to spread out, privacy for a quick change of clothes, and waterproof protection from the elements. The Annex is easy to set up and zips right onto your Skycamp 2.0, Skycamp 2X, X-Cover, or Mini.

100% Water Resistant

That means full rain protection for you and anything you want to store in here. Snow, wind, or rain – this tent annex has sturdy poles and the durability to endure the elements.

Easy & Breezy

The Annex features three large doors that convert to canopies. We even added an extra layer of mosquito netting so you can enjoy the breeze pest free.

Different Sizes

One for every iKamper roof top tent. Be sure to select the Annex model that is compatible with your RTT.

Not compatible with new tent models: Skycamp 3.0, Skycamp 3.0 Mini, X-Cover 2.0, X-Cover 2.0 Mini.


Fabric: Waterproof 150D Ripstop Polyester w/ 3000mm PU Coating
Poles: Aluminum
Footprint: 108 ft² – 180 ft², varies by Annex model.
Weight: 20 – 24 lbs, varies by Annex model.
Compatibility: Depending on the model, the Annex is compatible with vehicles that have roof racks up to 82″ (210 cm) off the ground. The poles have a minimum height of 69″ (175 cm).

The annex can also be attached to iKamper Generation 3.0 Skycamp tents using the zipper adapter.


  • Skycamp 2.0: 141” x 122” x 70”
  • Skycamp Mini:
    • on crossbar heights of 67.3” to 78.7.”: 118” x 134” x 118” to “134” x 67.3” x 78.7.”
    • on crossbar heights of 59” to 67.”: 118” x 134” x 118” to “134” x 59” x 67.”
  • X-Cover Annex: 165” x 122” x 70.”

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