ISOLITE Outdoor cover for VW T6 / T5


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ISOLITE Outdoor for VW T5 and T6

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ISOLITE outdoor cover VW T6 / T5

ISOLITE Outdoor is designed for both summer and winter use. The insulation effect is very good. The windscreen remains snow-free and ice-free even in winter.

In addition, if ISOLITE Inside is used inside, the insulation of the windshield is excellent in every season.

With the additional use of ISOLITE Extreme, you will have shadow temperature in the cab even in midsummer and the Mediterranean.

The attachment is very easy by one person possible because the ISOLITE is accurate. When closing the door, pinching secures the holder of the ISOLITE. The attachment is inside the A-pillar with hook-and-loop fastener, mounted on the windshield.

The windscreen wiper blades are on the VW T5 to model year 2009 and from model year 2010 under the ISOLITE mat. With the VW T6 the situation is arbitrary.

ISOLITE Outdoor can easily be stored in any roof.

Made in Germany.



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