ISOLITE Outdoor PLUS for the VW T7 Multivan


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ISOLITE insulation for VW T7

ISOLITE Outdoor PLUS for the VW T7 Multivan

Outer windshield + 2 inner cab windows

The ISOLITE Outdoor plus set from Brandrup is the all-round insulation package for the VW T7 Multivan. It is designed for both summer and winter use. The set consists of the insulation for the outside of the windscreen and two insulating mats for the inside of the side windows.

The insulation mat Isolite Outdoor by Brandrup for outdoors fits perfectly. It is attached to the inside of the A-pillars with hook and loop fastener and by placing it on the disc. When the door is closed, the holder of the ISOLITE is clamped and thus secured.
It can be installed very easily by one person.

The two ISOLITE Inside for the side windows provide the absolutely best insulation. ISOLITE Inside is a perfect fit and does not have to be attached to the pane. It is attached to the frame with hook and loop fastener, so that there is a perfect seal on three sides. As a result, the trapped air between pane and ISOLITE cannot circulate and escape upwards (summer) or downwards (winter). The entire surface is always tightly closed. A double glazing effect is created.

The mats are a perfect privacy screen because they are opaque to light. Therefore nobody can see you from the outside.

Isolite can be attached very quickly. It can also be easily removed for the journey and e.g. stowed on the bed in the pop-up roof.

Made in Germany.

The Isolite system is very versatile. There is a large selection of thermal mats for the various VW models. An overview of the available Isolites for the VW T7 Multivan can be found here.



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