ISOLITE Extreme for cab window VW T6 with sensors in the inside rearview mirror


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ISOLITE Extreme for the cab windows of all VW T6 California, Multivan with sensors in the inside rearview mirror, 3-part

This item is no longer available. However, there is a suitable successor product.

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ISOLITE Extreme for the windows in the cab with sensors in the interior rear-view mirror of the VW T6 California or Multivan

The product ISOLITE Extreme for the windows in the cab of the VW T6 offers best insulation and elegant coziness. It is a three-piece set with all necessary for fastening.

ISOLITE is a first-class system for the isolation of vehicles. Isolite Extreme is extremely better! The new ISOLITE Extreme is the best insulation for the windows of the VW T6 and T5 models! It is also an elegant and simple solution with easy handling.

The material consists of several layers. Once the proven ISOLITE material is included, from which, for example, the ISOLITE Inside are made. It contains the optimally insulating ISO-TOP Extreme material. As a result, insulation and indoor climate are optimal.

The attachment takes place with hook-and-loop fastener on the frame, just as with ISOLITE Inside. This makes it quick and easy to install and remove. The ISOLITE has the effect of a double glazing, because it creates a generous double-walled insulation. The trapped air (between window and ISOLITE) can not circulate and escape up or down.

Isolite is available for many windows, perfectly fitting for the VW T6 models. An overview of the Isolite Extreme for VW T6 can be found here.



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