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Petromax cool box

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The cool box for real adventurers

The Petromax cool box is “totally cool” even without electricity. It enables you to be completely self-sufficient and still well supplied, even on adventures lasting several days. The ultra-passive cooling system is operated with commercially available ice cubes, ice packs or dry ice. The cool box therefore does not require a compressor or absorber. The innovative double-walled and cavity-insulated box keeps the chilled food cold for up to 12 days. Depending on the size, the box has a volume of 25 – 75 litres. Whether freshly caught fish, provisions or everyday shopping – the Petromax cool box has room for everything.

Cooling system and multifunctional talent

The insulation layer of the Petromax cool box guarantees the highest possible temperature resistance inside thanks to its thickness of at least 45 mm. At the same time, the PE body has a particularly sturdy design so that the cool box can also be used as a seat or stand without any problems. Combined with the optionally available seat cushion, this creates a comfortable seat for any outdoor adventure.

The compact design ensures that the box can be easily stacked or stowed in the boot. Practical recesses in the lid allow cross lashing, which provides additional load securing. Ergonomic handles on the sides ensure a high level of carrying comfort and additional fastening options. This means that the box can still be opened even when it is secured.

Filling with ice and cleaning the refrigerator compartment is made easier by a sophisticated drainage system. Melt water can be drained at any time so that the cooling time can be extended by adding ice if necessary. The non-slip rubber fasteners can also be operated with one hand. Reinforced locking plates and commercially available shackle locks can provide additional protection against wild animals or unauthorised access. The four rubber feet on the base ensure a secure stand and good air circulation.

This is how the Petromax cool box works

  • Place the cool box in a cold room or cool it down with ice before use
  • Fill with pre-cooled drinks and food
  • Place dry ice, ice packs or ice on top – the cold sinks downwards
    Large ice blocks are particularly suitable for long periods of use
  • Open the cool box as briefly and infrequently as possible to prevent unnecessary heat build-up
  • If possible, place the box in the shade or in a cool place
  • Store and transport upright

Technical data

External dimensions (W x H x D)58 x 45 x 40,5 cm68,5 x 50 x 48,5 cm90 x 50 x 48,5 cm
Internal dimensions (L x W x H)32,4 x 24 x 29 cm42,5 x 29,2 x 34 cm65,8 x 30,4 x 34 cm
Weight (in kg)10,7514,919,6 kg
Filling capacity (max.)25 L50 L75 L
ColorOliv / White / SandOliv / White / SandWhite

Volume information

25 litres: up to 24 x 0.33 l cans or 12 x 1 l bottles
50 litres: up to 70 x 0.33 l cans or 20 x 1 l bottles
75 litres: up to 105 x 0.33 l cans or 30 x 1 l bottles

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Petromax cool box
    1 x user manual

Item number: KX25 / KX25-SAND / KX25-OLIV / KX50 / KX50-SAND / KX50-OLIV / KX75

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25 Liter, 50 Liter, 75 Liter


Olive, White, Sand

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