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Petromax Olive Wood Spoon

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The individual olive wood tablespoon

The olive wood spoon from Petromax is an indispensable companion for camping adventures. The spoon holds 6 ml of liquid and is therefore suitable for any use: whether for beans for breakfast or stew for dinner. Another advantage: when stirring in wrought-iron pots and pans, the valuable patina is preserved. Olive wood is also a natural heat shield, as the wood hardly heats up at all.

Each olive wood spoon is unique

Petromax olive wood articles are handmade in Germany. Special attention is paid to resource-conserving production, as only olive trees that no longer produce a yield are used. In this way, Petromax contributes to sustainability in the production chain.

The oil-wax finish makes the olive wood even more resistant and particularly durable. This makes the spoon the ideal companion for any exploration tour. The spoon can be easily attached to your rucksack or belt with the practical leather strap. The dragon engraving with the Petromax logo gives the olive wood spoon a very individual touch, beyond the unique grain of the wood.

The right care for the olive wood spoon

The spoon can simply be cleaned with mild soap and a little water. From time to time it should be rubbed with a little high-quality olive oil and dried well. This keeps the spoon shiny and clean for a long time. When using strongly coloured foods, the wood of the spoon may discolour slightly, which is completely normal.

The Petromax olive wood spoon: individual, personal and practical for travelling:

  • Made in Germany
  • Food-safe and durable thanks to oil-wax finish
  • Leather straps for practical suspension
  • Handmade – each olive wood spoon is unique

Technical data

MaterialOlive wood with oil wax finish
Dimensions2 x 22 x 4 cm
Weight33 g
Filling capacity6 ml

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x olive wood spoon

Item number: TB-SPOON-OLIVE

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