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Repair kit for the serial VW camping chair

Repair kit for one camping chair


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Repair kit for the serial VW camping chair

For strengthening and repairing a VW camping chair

The serial VW camping chairs can be folded up and easily stored in the vehicle. At the front of the backrests there are plastic sleeves that serve as joints for folding. With the repair kit for the VW camping chair, these sleeves can be replaced with solid aluminum bolts. This makes the camping chair significantly more robust. The folding function is not restricted by this.

By using the high-quality bolts, even a chair with a damaged sleeve can be repaired. This creates a long-lasting product that is well prepared for use throughout the season.

Attaching it requires some manual skills because rivets have to be drilled out and the bolts have to be screwed in. Instructions are included.

Scope of delivery: Repair kit for a camping chair, consisting of 2 solid aluminum bolts and instructions for installation.

If the rear joint of the camping chair is damaged, VW has a repair kit for the rear joint. The Brandrup seat covers in the vehicle design are particularly practical for the serial VW camping chairs.

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Repair kit for the folding mechanism of the serial VW camping chair - Wiest online shop for Brandrup products and camping accessoriesRepair kit for the serial VW camping chair