Upholstery cover for California series camping chair in the “Quadratic” design


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Upholstery cover in “Quadratic” design

for VW T5 / T6 /T6.1 California and Grand California

Upholstery cover for a camping chair of the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California

Cover to put on in the original VW design “Quadratic”

The cover for the camping chair of the VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 California in “Quadratic” enables more comfortable sitting. Because of the cover, mosquitoes, horse flies and other mosquitoes cannot bite through in summer. They also have the advantage that you no longer feel a draft in your lower back.

The cover is not just a optical upgrade. It also protects the surface of the chair from scratches and damage.

The upholstery cover can be easily attached to the backrest and the end of the seat. It fits both the camping chairs of the VW California and the Grand California models. The chairs can be folded and stowed in the bag in the vehicle’s tailgate. It is not necessary to remove the cover for this. Even with the cover, the chair still fits into the tail bag to save storage space. In addition, the design of the “Quadratic” cover corresponds exactly to the VW design “Quadratic”.

The uniform design of the camping chairs, which matches the vehicle seats, leads to a coherent overall picture and a homely atmosphere. The protective covers for the vehicle seats that go with this design can also be purchased in the shop: Second Skin seat covers in the design Quadratic

Made in Germany.

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