Balancing wedges, 4 pieces, capacity approx. 2,000 kg per wheel


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Compensating wedges 4 pieces can be combined up to 4 t

Brandrup leveling wedges for securing vehicles

Set of 4 pieces with a load capacity of approx. 2,000 kg per wheel

The Brandrup leveling wedges for securing the vehicle are ideally suited for rough and light uneven floors. They effectively prevent unintentional rolling away and also inhibit well when the vehicle is on a slope. Therefore, the wedges are the ideal companions for day and night.

When the motorhome is driven completely onto the wedges, the vehicle wheels are absolutely level and there is no gradient. If the vehicle gets stuck, the wedges are also very helpful, as they can be used as a starting aid.

This set consists of a total of four wedges. They can be used individually or in combination (small and large). Due to their small size and light construction, the Brandrup leveling wedges are easy to handle and stow away.

The load capacity of a single wedge is approx. 2,000 kg per wheel. Although they are designed for campers and vans, the Brandrup wheel chocks can also be used on many other vehicles.

The compensation wedge with roll-off protection is also available individually.



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