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flat wicks for hurricane lanterns

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Flat wicks by the metre or cut to size

Hurricane lanterns such as the Baby Special 276 require flat wicks soaked in oil to provide a pleasant light. With a wick width of 1.25 cm, the flat wicks from Feuerhand are a perfect fit for the Baby Special 276 and therefore ensure particularly quick and easy installation. The wicks are made of natural fibres with a central guide, which enables optimum absorption of the liquid fuel. This ensures safe operation of the hurricane lantern and a correspondingly perfect burning result at all times.

The flat wicks can be ordered by the metre and individually cut to the right length. Alternatively, choose pre-cut wicks with a length of 12 cm in a pack of 5. These can be inserted and used directly in the Baby Special 276 without further cutting. Due to the precise width, the twist grip can optimally grip the wick. The correct position of the wick is therefore quickly set.

In the practical transport bag for the Baby Special 276, the wicks can be stored safely in the lid and are always ready to hand.

Feuerhand flat wicks in detail

  • Precisely fitting cotton wick for quick and easy installation
  • Customisable length for all hurricane lamp models
  • Optimum absorption of the fuel thanks to natural fibres with a central guide
  • Perfect burning results and safe operation

Item number: W-276X5 / 2320

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1 Meter, Pack of 5

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Flat Wick for hurricane lanterns 100cmflat wicks for hurricane lanterns
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