iXTEND High Comfort folding bed with PAD for VW T6 California (without Beach) in moonrock grey

iXTEND folding bed and iXTEND PAD for VW T6


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iXTEND High Comfort folding bed with PAD for VW T6 California (without beach)

Brandrup folding bed for using the rear grille in the upper position

The Brandrup iXTEND folding bed is spread out over the serial bed in the VW T6 California and offers excellent comfort. The individual parts are subdivided in such a way that you cannot feel the edges of the bench. Buckles of the belts are also padded.
The bed can be placed folded on the rear cushion. If necessary, it can be unfolded forwards with one hand.

All iXTEND folding beds can be leaned against the backrest of the California 2-seater bench. This creates a gapless, large storage or lying area. This is particularly useful for luggage or for a dog. The iXTEND folding beds for the VW models have a bracket for easy attachment to the headrests.

The foam is flame retardant. It can be easily removed if you want to clean the cover, which is made of original VW fabric. The cover can be washed in the wool program at 30°C.

Specially developed for the VW T6 California

The Brandrup folding bed “High Comfort” can only be used for the VW T6 California Ocean / Coast. Thanks to the Ixtend pad, the rear grille can be used in the upper position. The bed for the VW T6 is robust, versatile and enables a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Material: composite of cold foam
Material thickness: rear part approx. 6.5 cm and the two front parts approx. 9 cm.
Original VW-Design: Moonrock grey

Made in Germany.

The Brandrup iXTEND fitted sheets are available to match the mattresses and pads in the VW T6. These have been specially developed for the iXTEND folding beds and for the VW upholstery on the California models and therefore fit very precisely.

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