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Lid spacer for fire pots (set of 2)


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    Spacer provides ventilation for all fire pots and box moulds

    After a day around the campfire with savoury and sweet dishes from the fire pot, the lid spacers help with ventilation and stacking the fire pots. The spacers keep the fire pots open, which ensures very good air circulation. For this reason, the smallest drops of water can dry optimally in the fine-pored surface and odour and rust formation have no chance. This means that you will enjoy your fire pots for many years, as they last a long time and do not need to be re-burned.

    The lid spacers for fire pots are not only suitable for any fire pot size, but also for the Petromax loaf pans and the casseroles.

    Air circulation with stacked Dutch Ovens

    After cleaning your fire pots, you can load them into your car or van to save space, because thanks to the lid spacers you can stack them on top of each other without having to give up air circulation.

    If you don’t need the lid spacers because your fire pot is hanging over the fire, you can use them as trivets for small, light Petromax products. The tk0.8 tea kettle and all enamel products find a safe place here. This way you can protect the ground.

    Effortlessly, the lid spacers made of high-quality bamboo can be cleaned with hot water.

    The Petromax lid spacer for fire pots (2 pieces) helps to extend the life of your fire pots, loaf pans and casseroles thanks to air circulation, stackability and rust prevention and ensures long cooking pleasure.

    This makes the lid spacer a useful accessory for optimal ventilation and rust prevention:

    • Versatile: suitable for all fire pots (Dutch ovens) and cast iron moulds with lids
    • Distance between Dutch Oven and lid: optimal ventilation and prevention of rusting
    • Stackable: Dutch ovens remain in position and can be stored safely on top of each other to save space
    • practical trivet: for the tea kettle tk0.8 and all enamel products by Petromax
    • made of bamboo: light weight and small pack size – fits in any transport bag for the fire pot or backpack
    • Optimal ventilation for the cast iron fire pot
    Technical data
    • Material: Bamboo
    • Dimensions per holder, approx. (H x W x D): 3 x 16.7 x 4 cm
    • Total weight, approx.: 74.5 g
    Scope of delivery
    • 1 x Lid spacer for fire pots (2 pieces)

    Item number: ft-spacer-w

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