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Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl

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Petromax griddle and fire bowls – Can be used individually and in combination

The Petromax griddle and fire bowl is the ideal foundation for outdoor grillers. Even beginners get excellent grilling results with these high-quality grill trays. The assembly is very simple: The three legs can be turned quickly and easily into the prefabricated coils and the grill is already assembled. Now simply place it over the fireplace and burn it in thoroughly. Then you can start barbecuing. Whether meat, fish, vegetables or scrambled eggs – the grill plate is absolutely flexible in its use. Depending on the position of the food on the grill and fire tray, the heat can be controlled.

However, the griddle and fire bowl can also be used without an external fire source. If you combine two different sizes, you can also barbecue without a fixed fireplace. To do this, simply build a barbecue fire in the lower bowl and position the smaller griddle bowl with the food on top. The griddle and fire bowl offers maximum flexibility with a minimalist character.

Maintaining the griddle and fire bowl properly

It is sufficient to rub the grill and fire bowl with a kitchen paper or rinse it with hot water after use.
The Petromax ring cleaner can be used to gently remove burnt-on residues without damaging the patina. After drying, the barbecue and fire bowl including the legs should be rubbed with Petromax care paste to seal the surface.

The Petromax griddle and fire bowl in a nutshell:

  • Grill plate and fire bowl in one product
  • Made in Germany of robust and resistant steel
  • Natural non-stick effect thanks to the patina created during baking
  • Stackable and thus versatile
  • Minimal pack size due to feet that can be unscrewed without tools

Technical details

38 cm48 cm56 cm
Dimensions28,6 x 49,6 x 38 cm29,3 x 59,6 x 48 cm30 x 67,6 x 56 cm
Weight3,8 kg5,5 kg 7,1 kg
Extension through support legs23 cm23 cm23 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x Griddle and fire bowl in 38 cm, 48 cm or 56 cm
3 x Support legs
1 x user manual

Item Number: FS38 / FS48 / FS56

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