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Petromax Waffle Iron

Waffle Iron


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Petromax Waffle Iron

For perfectly baked waffles at the campfire

With the practical Petromax waffle irons, you can prepare delicious waffles directly in the embers – simply and easily. Ideal for the whole family – as a delicious dessert or snack between meals.

The waffle irons are made of high-quality, solid cast iron with very good heat conductivity. This ensures that the waffles are baked evenly all round. Cast iron is perfect for use in the fire, in the embers or on the barbecue. The two chambers of the waffle iron have room for two 9 x 11 cm Belgian waffles. Thanks to the sturdy hinge and locking hook, handling is extremely easy and convenient. The sturdy handles ensure that the heat source is far enough away and can be handled safely.

How it works

Firstly, preheat the waffle iron well in the embers. If you wish, you can also oil the inside of the iron a little to make it easier to remove the waffles later if the patina is not yet fully developed or damaged (please refer to our care tips!). Now place the batter in the waffle iron and seal the two halves securely. Now just place it in the embers, turn occasionally and wait. The waffles are ready after about 3-5 minutes.

Proper care for the waffle iron

It is not necessary to bake the irons, as they are pre-treated accordingly (seasoned finish). You can therefore start baking straight away. After use, the waffle iron should only be cleaned with a little warm water and if necessary a brush. The waffle iron can be taken apart at the hinges to make cleaning easier. Never use washing-up liquid, as this will destroy the protective patina. The patina develops with every use, protecting the cast iron from rust and providing a natural non-stick effect. From time to time the cast iron should be rubbed with a little neutral vegetable oil or Petromax Care Paste. So you will enjoy your waffle iron for a long time.

The best way to protect your waffle iron is to transport it in the matching transport bag for waffle irons, which is available separately.

Technical data

Short handleLong handle
Material (handle)Wood / stainless steelWood / stainless steel
Material (waffle pan)Cast ironCast iron
Dimensions20 x 49 x 3 cm20 x 72 x 3 cm
Waffle size2x 9 x 11 cm2x 9 x 11 cm
Weight2650 g2750 g

Item number: WF-IRON / WF-IRON-S

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