20 liter folding water tank with rotary tap (made of polyethylene)


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20 liter folding water tank

20 liter collapsible water tank made of polyethylene

Container for easy transport with a sturdy rotary tap

Brandrup’s tanks are simply indispensable because you can’t fill up with drinking water everywhere. The containers are particularly useful on longer tours, as the supply of fresh water is not guaranteed in all regions. The 20 liter collapsible water tank is also ideal for weekend excursions if you don’t want to fill the built-in tank or want to take an additional source with you.

Brandrup  produces containers of various sizes. There is also an optional Brandrup water filling set for the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 vehicle tank. This makes it possible to refill the water tank in the vehicle without much effort.

The containers are easy to stow as they are foldable. They are made of polyethylene and also have a very sturdy rotary tap. If you unscrew this tap, residual moisture can escape and the tank can dry out. The tanks with a volume of 10 and 20 liters can even be hung upside down. For this fasten the holder for the collapsible water tank in the Brandrup Top-rail or piping rail. A spring with running water can be created quickly on the go. The good, ergonomic handle of the container does not cut into your fingers. The vertical opening of the container enables easy filling.

Volume: 20 liters
Made in germany

The containers in other sizes, as well as other accessories from the water and sanitation area, can be found here.



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