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Gas table with double burner


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Gas table with double burner – for great cooking pleasure

The Petromax gas table with double burner is equipped with two powerful 5 kW burners and is perfect for pots and pans made of cast iron and forged steel. The gas flame quickly brings the Dutch oven up to temperature so that nothing stands in the way of outdoor cooking enjoyment. The two round burners concealed under the hobs provide the heat and ensure ideal heat distribution and storage. All Petromax pans and Dutch Ovens from size FT3 can be used on the gas table.

Smoke-free cooking with propane gas

The Petromax gas table is operated with a standard propane gas cylinder. The two control elements with integrated piezo ignition provide the necessary firepower in the multiple burner at the touch of a button. The hobs can be controlled separately and steplessly so that two meals can be prepared at the same time. If the fire accidentally goes out, the flame monitoring system ensures that the gas supply is automatically interrupted. The included 50 mbar pressure regulator also ensures a constant gas flow during operation.

The large Petromax gas table for at home or on the go

The Petromax gas table is the ideal basis for mobile cooking – whether at home on the balcony or on a camping holiday. With a load capacity of up to 100kg and a cooking surface of 45 x 90 cm, you can easily prepare meals for the whole family. The comfortable working height of 87 cm is easy on the back and joints. All-round retaining brackets also provide space for other cooking equipment such as oven mitts, tea towels or barbecue tongs. Thanks to the removable windscreen, the burners are always well protected, saving valuable energy.

After cooking, the removable shelf can be cleaned quickly and easily. The legs can be removed in a few simple steps, giving the gas table a compact transport size. This means it can be stowed quickly and easily in the boot.

Technical data

  • W x H x D (cm): 116 x 103 x 68
  • Weight: 20.3 kg
  • Material: Steel, powder-coated

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x gas table with double burner
  • 1 x support for cookware (removable)
  • 1 x windscreen
  • 4 x legs
  • 4 x wing screws for windscreen
  • 4 x clamping levers for support legs
  • 1 x hose with pressure regulator for gas connection
  • 1 x user manual

The 50 mbar model is only sold in Germany and Austria. The 37 mbar and 30 mbar models are sold in various EU countries.

Country of destinationModelDevice category, nozzle identificationGas type, output, consumption
Germany, Austria50 mbarI3P, 110Propane, 10 kW
Andorra, Belgium, France, Greece,
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,
Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg,
Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, Switzerland
37 mbarl3+ (28-30/37), 115Butane, 28-30 mbar, 10 kW, 766.8 g/h
Propane, 37 mbar, 10 kW, 753.0 g/h
Poland37 mbarl3P (37), 115Propane, 37 mbar, 10 kW, 753.0 g/h
Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia,
Malta, Netherlands, Norway,
Romania, Sweden, Slovak Republic,
Slovenia, Spain, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Turkey,
Cyprus, Croatia
30 mbarl3 B/P (30), 115Butane, propane and their mixtures,
30 mbar, 10 kW, 766.8 g/h

Item number: GE90-S / GE90-S-30 / GE90-S-37

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Gas Table with double-burner with pansGas table with double burner
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