ISOLITE Inside Cab windows VW Caddy 3 KR / LR, 5-piece


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ISOLITE Inside for cab windows VW Caddy 3

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ISOLITE Inside Cab windows VW Caddy 3 KR / LR, 5-piece

The ISOLITE Inside for the windows in the cab of the VW Caddy 3 are a consistently functionally designed insulation. It provides isolation, darkening and privacy, with the best fit. The attachment takes place with hook-and-loop fastener.

Brandrup does not use magnetic attachment for accessories. Magnets can damage or even erase credit cards, ID cards and storage media when they are attached, removed or stowed away. Also suction cups are not used, because they like to fall off and leave stains on the windows.

ISOLITE Inside also provides the best insulation for driver and passenger windows!

ISOLITE is not just hung on the window pane, but attached to the window frame with hook-and-loop fastener. This creates a perfect seal on three sides.
The trapped air (between window and ISOLITE) can not circulate and escape upwards (summer) or down (winter). The entire surface is thus always tightly closed. This creates the effect of double glazing.

Made in Germany.

The isolites for the other windows of the Caddy 3 with short wheelbase can be found here.

The ones for the Caddy 3 with long wheelbase can be found here.



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