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Petromax Coal tray pro-ft


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Coal tray pro-ft

The charcoal tray of the pro-ft series transforms the lid holder into a flexible cooking station in just a few steps. Whether aromatic vegetable pans from the fire pot lid or juicy steaks from the grill grate – the multifunctional charcoal tray makes it possible. It can hold approx. 14-18 conventional barbecue briquettes and can be folded up for transport in the ft6 fire pot, for example.

Charcoal tray in combination with fire pots and grill grate

The holes in the rim of the charcoal tray make this an excellent kindling chimney. Once the coals have glowed through, simply place the fire pot on top. With a diameter of 23.5 cm, the pro-ft charcoal bowl is ideally suited for the ft6 and ft9 fire pots. To use the fire pot lid as a pan, simply clamp the charcoal bowl to the hook of the upturned lid holder pro-ft. Since the charcoal tray can be fixed at different heights, the heat can be optimally regulated.

Instead of the lid, the grill grate pro-ft can also be combined with the charcoal tray. This way, grilling with the lid holder also works perfectly.

Charcoal tray pro-ft in detail

  • Multifunctional cooking station for frying, grilling and more
  • Perfect capacity of 14-18 barbecue briquettes
  • Versatile combination options with other parts of the pro-ft series, for numerous cooking variations
  • Holes on the rim for efficient glowing through
  • Variable height adjustment for individual temperature control during cooking

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)23,5 x 3,5 x 23,5 cm
Weight1 kg

Scope of delivery

1 x charcoal tray pro-ft

Item number: PRO-COAL

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