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Petromax Fire Pot Lid Holder pro-ft


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Firepot Lid Holder by Petromax

The practical Petromax lid holder for the fire pot enables the safe lifting of the pot lid including the briquettes lying on it. This makes the solid cast lid easy to handle even when hot, so you can concentrate on cooking and tasting.

Hands free with the fire pot lid holder

Using the lid holder is very simple: First, the lid holder with its three legs is brought into position directly above the fire pot. The spring is then pressed down and hooked into the lid handle. When the spring is released, the lid lifts automatically. Now simply set aside the lid lifter together with the lid to reach the meal unhindered. The lid holder secures the pot lid so that it does not touch the floor when it is set down. The inside thus always remains clean. After cooking, the lid holder can also be used as a practical serving stand by simply placing the fire pot on it.

Combination variety in the outdoor kitchen

The lid holder is especially suitable for the Petromax fire pots ft4.5 to ft12. When folded, it is ideal for transporting in the ft6 fire pot, for example. Combined with the grill grate and the charcoal tray from the pro-ft series, for example, a small barbecue area, a smoking stand or a cooking area for the pot lid as a pan is created.

Technical data

Dimensions (W x H x D)43 x 27,5 x 26 cm
Weight1,4 kg

Scope of delivery

1 x Firepot lid holder pro-ft
3 x rubber feet

Item Number: PRO-HOLD

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