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Petromax Wrought Iron Pan SP32

Wrought Iron Pan SP32


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    Petromax Wrought Iron Pan SP32

    The Petromax wrought iron pan SP32 is suitable for use directly on the grill or hob. In combination with a pan support, it also cuts a fine figure directly in the campfire. Thanks to its excellent heat conductivity, the pan is ideal for roasting and frying – perfect roast potatoes and steaks are a breeze.

    Flexible and fast in use

    The wrought iron pans by Petromax heat up quickly, are easy to transport and fit securely in the hand thanks to the welded handle. The long handle also ensures comfortable handling with sufficient distance to the embers. Thanks to its durable material, the pan is a versatile and long-lasting companion and ideal for outdoor cooking.

    Proper care for your SP32 pan

    Before using the wrought iron pan for the first time, it should be seasoned with a high-heat cooking oil or a seasoning paste. This creates a protective patina that develops with every use. The patina provides a natural non-stick effect and protects the material from rust. This makes the pan darker and more robust. We recommend using a care paste occasionally to maintain the excellent properties for a long time.

    After use, the wrought iron pan is simply cleaned with a little clear water and a cloth. Stubborn incrustations can be removed with a ring cleaner. Under no circumstances should washing-up liquid be used, as this will destroy the valuable patina. After rinsing, the pan should be thoroughly dried and oiled if necessary.

    Technical data

    MaterialWrought iron
    Diameter top/bottom32 cm / 14 cm
    Hight3,25 cm
    Handle length33 cm
    Weight2 kg

    Petromax offers a wide range of care products for cast iron so that you can enjoy your wrought iron pan for as long as possible.

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    Item number: SP32

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