Rubber band for easy closing of pop-up roofs of the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California


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Rubber band for easier folding of the pop-up roof

Rubber band for entry aid for pop-up roofs

For VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 California pop-up roof for easier retraction

Entering the VW T6.1 / T6 / T5 from a pop-up roof is not always easy. This process is significantly simplified with the help of the rubber band for the retraction aid of the pop-up roof.

The rubber band can be easily stretched around the opened bellows. During closure, the tension on the bellows is reduced and the strap pulls the fabric inwards. As a result, it folds in automatically when closed and does not interfere with the mechanism. In this way, the roof can be closed as intended in the shortest possible time.

The rubber band also works well if there is a Iso Top interior tent is used. It is a practical helper for retracting every pop-up roof of the VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 models.

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