TOP SAIL Raising Rod


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Raising rod for TOP-SAIL (a set-up set is needed!)

TOP SAIL Raising Rod

When the set for set-up is in use, the sail can be raised by the optional raise bar. As a result, it is no longer tied to the height specified by the vehicle. The Top Sail raise bar is suitable for use with a set-up set or with two side walls.

With the raising rod you have a comfortable height in the area of ​​the vehicle door and a very good drainage in the rain.

Note: Suitable for this you need a set-up set.

In order to secure the front and side walls in the best possible way, additional bracing accessoires are available. It is indispensable and you should always use it.

The front wall, bracing accessories and a large selection from the awning / awning area can be found hier.

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