(65,34€/kg)Odor-binding material for camping toilets


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(65,34  / kg kg)
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odor-binding sanitary additive for camping toilets (1 dosing bag per toilet filling)

15 bags a 25 g = 375 g

Thetford Aqua Kem Sachets: odor-binding sanitary additive for camping toilets

Care product for the Porta Potti 335 Qube and other camping toilets

The Aqua Kem sachets are a useful aid for a fresh and easy-to-empty holding tank. The bags manufactured by Thetford effectively bind unpleasant odors in the toilet and thus ensure a more pleasant climate in the vehicle. It is very tight packed and closes practically odor-free.

A pack of Aqua Kem sachets consists of 15 bags and is sufficient for 15 toilet fillings. The dosage is very easy because it is pre-dosed in individual sachets of 25 g each. This means that there is no waste and the product always works optimal.
A bag is simply thrown into the empty toilet (holding tank).

The effect is very good. Odors are effectively bound. In addition, the substance liquefies the faeces and thus facilitates disposal.

Aqua Kem is recommended when using toilets in campers. With it you can effectively fight bad smells. Nevertheless, the waste holding tank must be emptied after 4-5 days at the latest. The product is particularly suitable for the Porta Potti 335 Qube toilet and therefore belongs in every VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 California with a sink.

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