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Petromax Fire Grill tg3


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The Petromax fire barbecue TG3 – cooking and grilling over an open fire

The cast-iron fire barbecue TG3 from Petromax is the ideal combination of barbecue and hob. With its well thought-out details, it is the ideal fireplace for your next camping holiday. The fire grill provides two functions in one. On the one hand, the TG3 is a fully-fledged charcoal grill that can be used to grill delicious steaks and co. with charcoal or briquettes. The fire grill can also be used as a hob for Dutch ovens, cast iron pans or percolators.

Easy transport and clever details

The TG3 fire barbecue is the ideal equipment for camping trips or barbecuing and cooking on the patio at home. The integrated handle ensures particularly easy transport between storage and use or when moving the grill after cooking. As the handle gets hot during grilling, we recommend using gloves or aramid potholders when transporting it.

The height-adjustable cast iron grate allows the distance between the embers and the grate to be set variably. The grid can easily be hooked in at different levels so that different heat zones can be utilised. Not only can juicy steaks be seared well, but tender vegetables or fish can also be cooked gently.

Not enough coal? No problem – a tilting door on the front of the fire barbecue makes it easy to add briquettes or coal while barbecuing without having to lift the grate. The tilting door can be inserted at different angles or removed completely.

The air supply control is located on the underside of the fire grill and can be used to individually adjust the amount of air flowing in. This means that the fire barbecue can be fired up quickly at the start and the heat reduced later for gentle cooking.

Solid cast iron makes the Petromax Fire Barbecue TG3 a reliable companion

Both the grill grate and the body of the TG3 are made of solid cast iron. The robust material will last for years with the right care and is characterised in particular by its thermal conductivity and heat storage. The grill absorbs the heat from the embers quickly and distributes it evenly for a particularly even grilling result.

All parts are pre-treated and ready for immediate use – there is no need to burn them in. This protective patina continues to develop with every use. It protects the cast iron from dirt and rust and provides a natural non-stick effect. The patina should therefore always be preserved.

A little clear water and a brush are sufficient for cleaning. Never use washing-up liquid, as this will destroy the protective patina. After cleaning and before storage, all parts should be rubbed with a little neutral vegetable oil or Petromax care paste.

Technical data

MaterialCast iron
Dimensions42 x 19 x 43,5 cm
Weight16,2 kg

Item number: TG3

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