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Scraper for Dutch oven and fire pan



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    Petromax scraper for cast iron

    Professional cleaning tool for Dutch ovens and fire pans

    The Petromax scraper is the first choice for removing incrustations from cast iron. The rounding of the rim is precisely matched to the rounding of the pots and pans. Cast iron loaf pans and potato roasters are just as easy to clean. The scraper can also be used as a dough scraper or baking spatula for portioning.

    Remove burnt-on residues quickly and easily

    Thanks to its special shape, the practical scraper also reaches the round “tricky spots” at the transition between the wall and base of pots and pans. The cleaning process is particularly gentle so that the valuable patina is not damaged. It is heat-resistant up to 120°C – so it can also be used in pots that are still warm.

    As the Petromax scraper is made of food-safe polypropylene, it can also be used wonderfully as a dough scoop in the outdoor kitchen. A real multifunctional talent in your kitchen.

    Tip: The Petromax scraper with grooves is the best choice for grill pans! This means that all bottlenecks are cleaned quickly and easily.

    Cleaning with the Petromax scraper

    Firstly, the Dutch oven or baking dish should be allowed to cool and any residues soaked in clear, warm water. The incrustations can then be removed quickly and easily with the scraper. If in doubt, repeat this step again if any residue remains.

    Never use washing-up liquid, as this will destroy the protective patina and lead to corrosion. After cleaning, the Dutch oven should be dried well and, if necessary, rubbed with a little oil or Petromax care paste.

    Technical details

    MaterialPolypropylene (PP), food-safe
    Dimensions13,6 x 8 x 1 cm
    Weight42 g

    Item number: OS

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