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Petromax poultry roaster cf30

poultry roaster


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    Petromax poultry roaster

    Cast iron mould for optimum heat distribution in the poultry

    The Petromax poultry roaster is made of cast iron, just like the pots and pans. It is ideal for the oven or a matching grill and ensures good heat distribution. This ensures that the poultry sitting on the cast-iron roasting pan is cooked evenly and succulently. Whether it’s duck, quail or classic chicken – the poultry roaster ensures great grilling results with ease.

    How the Petromax poultry roaster works

    The roaster is very easy to use: simply place the seasoned poultry vertically on the centre shaft. Inside the stem is a small container in which liquids or herbs can be placed for additional flavouring. These evaporate during the cooking process and flavour the meat from the inside out.

    The heat creates a delicious crispy crust on the outside. The result is the ideal combination: juicy, tender meat on the inside and deliciously crispy skin on the outside. This type of preparation is particularly low in fat, as no additional fat is used. In addition, excess fat and juices flow into the drip tray during the cooking process. On the one hand, this effectively prevents fat fires caused by dripping onto hot coals and, on the other, the drippings serve as a delicious base for flavourful, aromatic sauces. For a special kick, vegetables or other small treats can also be fried in the dish at the same time.

    Long-lasting and easy to handle

    Thanks to the high-quality cast iron, the Petromax poultry roaster is particularly durable. Well cared for, it is a product for eternity. Cast iron impresses with its very even heat distribution and heat conduction. This ensures that the meat is cooked particularly gently and evenly. The poultry roaster has two handles and two spouts for particularly easy handling.

    The surface of the roaster is pre-treated (seasoned finish) and therefore ready for immediate use without seasoning. The patina develops with every use and should always be preserved. Cleaning and caring for the cast-iron roaster is very easy and requires no washing-up liquid.

    Technical data

    MaterialCast iron
    Dimensions30 x 30 x 10 cm
    Diameter (top)30 cm
    Diameter (bottom)25 cm
    Hight10 cm
    Weight4,4 kg

    Item number: CF30

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    Petromax Geflügelbräter cf30 aus Gusseisen mit Gemüse und GeflügelPetromax poultry roaster cf30

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